The world's top 50 actresses

Hollywood's hottest

Places 21-30 on our list include ab actress who has portrayed Princess Diana, the wife of Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, and arguably the greatest star of French cinema.

Do you remember, 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'? She makes the list, as does one of the best African-American actresses, a screen veteran and star of many Hollywood movies.

Red bras for the season

Hollywood stars

Rachel Weisz, Mrs. James Bond

Julianne Moore rules the screen

Diane Lane, Superman's mom

Ashley Judd, actress and activist

Mila Kunis, world's sexiest woman

Keri Russell, KGB undercover

International cinema

Isabelle Huppert, favorite movie psychopath

Emmanuelle Beart, French beauty

Lena Olin, Swedish Hollywood star

Thekla Reuten co-stars with George Clooney

21, Angela Bassett. Born: August 16, 1958, New York. Best movie: Malcolm X. Worst movie: Boesman and Lena.

22, Rachel Weisz. Born: March 7, 1970, England . Best movie: The Constant Gardener. Worst movie: Envy.

23, Natalie Portman. Born: June 9, 1981, Israel. Best movie: Black Swan. Worst movie: Goya's Ghost.

24, Amanda Seyfried. Born: December 3, 1985 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Best movie: Mean Girls. Worst movie: Dear John.

25, Naomi Watts. Born: September 28, 1968, England . Best movie: Funny Games. Worst movie: Persons Unknown.

26, Rooney Mara. Born: 1985 in Bedford, New York. Best movie: Social Network. Worst movie: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

27, Catherine Deneuve. Born: October 22, 1943, France. Best movie: Belle de Jour. Worst movie: The Musketeer.

28, Elizabeth Banks. Born: February 10, 1974, Pittsfield, MA. Best movie: The 40 Year Old Virgin. Worst movie: Swept Away.

29, Emily Blunt. Born: February 23, 1983, London. Best movie: My Summer of Love. Worst movie: Gulliver's Travels.

30, Vivica Fox. Born: July 30, 1964, Indianapolis. Best movie: Kill Bill 1. Worst movie: Cover.

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