50 hottest actresses in the world

Hollywood's hottest

Here's our list of Hollywood's hottest female stars, places 1 to 10.

Our list is top by arguably the busiest actress in Hollywood, a star of blockbuster movies and quirky independents.

Second is this year's rising star, seductively sexy in 'American Hustle'.

Red bras for the season

Hollywood stars

Rachel Weisz, Mrs. James Bond

Julianne Moore rules the screen

Diane Lane, Superman's mom

Ashley Judd, actress and activist

Mila Kunis, world's sexiest woman

Keri Russell, KGB undercover

International cinema

Isabelle Huppert, favorite movie psychopath

Emmanuelle Beart, French beauty

Lena Olin, Swedish Hollywood star

Thekla Reuten co-stars with George Clooney

1, Jessica Chastain. Born: March 24, 1977, Sacramento, CA. Best movie: Zero Dark Thirty. Worst movie: Stolen.

2, Amy Adams. Born: August 20, 1974, Vicenza, Italy. Best movie: American Hustle. Worst movie: Serving Sara.

3, Salma Hayek. Born: September 2, 1966, Mexico . Best movie: Traffic. Worst movie: Grown Ups.

4, Angelina Jolie. Born: June 4, 1975, Los Angeles. Best movie: A Mighty Heart. Worst movie: Alexander.

5, Scarlett Johansson. Born: November 22, 1984. New York City. Best movie: Her. Worst movie: The Spirit.

6, Mila Kunis. Born: August 14, 1983 in Kiev, Ukraine (then the Soviet Union). Best movie: Black Swan. Worst movie: Moving McCallister.

7, Eva Mendes. Born: March 5, 1974, Miami. Best movie: Bad Lieutenant. Worst movie: The Women.

8, Olivia Wilde. Born: March 10, 1984, New York City. Best movie: Her. Worst movie: Year One.

9, Cameron Diaz. Born: August 30, 1972, San Diego, CA. Best movie: Being John Malkovich. Worst movie: Gambit.

10, Isabelle Huppert. Born: March 16, 1953, France. Best movie: White Material. Worst movie: Rosebud.

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