Koreans remember 9/11

We wanted to talk to James Dresnok, America's most famous defector to North Korea, about his adopted country's memories of 9/11. But we could not reach Dresnok in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. Instead, we talk to a member of the Korean Friendship Association.

North Korea recalls

Koreans are a peace-loving people. In the DPRK [North Korea], the Dear Leader Kim Jong Il, was greatly saddened by the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.

It was a day of grief for the whole world when the United States was attacked on its own soil and thousands of innocent lives were lost. Our hearts are with Americans citizens as they remember this important day in their history.

Koreans remember aggression toward our nation. We remember the attempts of foreign powers to occupy and colonize us. But we resisted the imperialists, just as we resist them today.

Iraq and Afghanistan

We follow developments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya with keen interest.

Ten years after the 9/11 attacks, the United States is still at war. It believed victory would be swift in Iraq and Afghanistan. But wars of foreign occupation do not end according to the occupiers' timetable.

Patriotic War

Any aggression toward the DPRK [North Korea], which has one of the world's largest armies, will result in a patriotic and heoric war that the aggressor cannot win.

United Korea

The reunification of Korea, peace on the Korean peninsula, and the reunion of Korean families is possible, but the USA is not interested in solutions.

Every year, with the support of the south Korean army, it carries out large-scale military maneuvers like the Ulji Focus Lens and Team Spirit for the purpose of invading and dominating the north. Only when the American military leaves south Korea and the citizens recover their sovereignty will a whole and united Korean nation be realized.

Peace and friendship

Peace, friendship and independence are the eternal aspirations of the Korean people.