Black stockings, lingerie top seller

Black stockings

Black stockings top the must-have lingerie list for men and women.

Black stockings have universal appeal. They are smart, classy, and sexy.

Black stockings can be worn in the boardroom and the boudoir.

There's nothing hotter than a pair of pretty, slim legs in black stockings, a figure-hugging skirt, and a pair of high heels?

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Seasonal lingerie

There's no better stocking filler than stockings, thigh highs and designer pantyhose.

We recommend stockings by Stockingirl, Myla, and Victoria's Sectret.

Black stockings are a favorite, but at Christmas why not add sugar and spice to your love life and try a dash of seasonal red -- or black stockings with red trim?

Black stockings

Men are suckers for black stockings. They rank at or near the top on all lists of sexy clothing, way ahead of high heels, silk bras, thongs, negligees,and bustiers.

Black stockings are exclusive and classy. Red stockings have a tramp stamp. White stockings are too closely connected with innocence, purity, and marriage. Black is the color for sexy, confident, and powerful women. A woman in black stockings is an exciting challenge for any red-blooded male.

It's simple: black stockings make a woman's legs look great. Black stockings enhance the shape and lines of beautiful legs. If a woman in black stockings passes you in the street, you can't stop yourself looking. There's something about black that just targets and fixes your attention.

Black stockings are sexy. They make a man think of French maids, can-can dancers, exotic performers in Paris night clubs. When a woman wears black stockings for her guy, she's sharing, and agreeing to, his secret desires.

One of the most enticing features of stockings is seeing the spot where lace at the top of the stocking meets the flesh of a woman's thigh. Black lace next to soft female skin is so desirable.

Black stockings are a starter for the meal to come. When your woman dresses in black stockings, high heels, and an alluring outfit, you know what's going to happen later in the evening. Men love to watch their woman gently rolling stockings onto their legs. They adore the mouth-watering sight of stockings being rolled downed, lifted from the woman's toes, and dropped to the ground.

Black silk stockings are the ultimate tactile rush. For your finger tips, there is nothing better to touch and stroke than exclusive stockings on your woman's legs.

There's everyday life with its chores and toil, deadlines and responsibilities. And there are the rare and wonderful moments when your woman gives herself totally to you, when time ceases to matter. Those moments are so often associated with black stockings, a classy dress, smart high heel shoes, and a romantic meal at a good restaurant.

By Armand Whyte