Crossed legs are a fascinating subject for men and women. They've stumped boffins such as Steven Pinker, and make Joe Public foam at the mouth.

In any public setting, men raise their eyes and ogle when a woman in high heels crosses her legs.

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The love of beautiful crossed legs is playfully exposed by staff writer Jason Forbes. He believes all red-blooded males have a fondness for a pair of pretty legs crossed high. Want more? Go to our black stockings pages.

My healthy love of crossed legs began early in my life. I discovered that a woman's legs in stockings, high heels, and beautiful skirt are far more alluring than the same legs bare in flat shoes, sexier even than a woman in a bikini showing us nearly everything.

Crossed legs in stockings are as much about what is hidden as revealed. Mystery is exciting. The best thrillers do not reveal all at the beginning. Falling in love is so wonderful because so little is known at the beginning: it's a voyage of discovery, where the destination must not arrive too quickly.

With a beautiful pair of crossed legs in designer high heels, we're fascinated by what's hidden, the upper leg concealed from view by a tight black skirt.

We're flushed with excitement when we glimpse the band of darker stocking at the top where it meets the skin of a woman's leg.

Stockings add color, tone, and texture to a woman's legs, making them prettier and sexier. Black stockings are especially enticing, with their connection to strip tease, burlesque, erotic movies and magazines. A woman who dresses for you in black stockings is telling you she wants to be desired.

When a beautiful woman in heels, stockings and skirt crossed her legs in front of you, more of her leg is revealed than she wants to show a stranger. It's an inevitable result of how skirts and dresses are made.

Haven't we all witnessed those moments when a woman pulls her dress down over her knees, or holds the fabric to stop too much of her thighs being revealed?

In my work as a fashion and people photographer, I am intrigued by the places where strict business attire and sexy outfits meet.

A career or businesswoman should never be overtly provocative. She must be immaculately outifitted. At the same time she cannot simply imitate or reproduce male styles of business attire.

There have to be obvious concessions to femininity and hints at sexiness.

The world of business is male-dominated, no argument about that. Women operating in that world want to be taken seriously but they also want to be noticed.

A wise woman is one who knows how to use her female power to catch and keep male attention.

The trick is to appear desirable and yet unapproachable. Any inappropriate thoughts must be in the man's head. Which means woman have to understand how men think and what motivates them.

By Jason Forbes

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