Diane Lane, Superman's mom

Diane Lane

Diane Lane made her movie debut at 13. She stars in Disney's Sectretariat and is married to large-headed actor Josh Brolin.

Diane Lane, born January 22, 1965 in New York City, is in line to play Clark Kent's adoptive mother in the upcoming Superman movie.

Film critic Roger Ebert describes Diane Lane as so good in so many kinds of roles. She made her movie debut at 13 in A Little Romance.

We remember Lane mostly for her role as an unsatisfied wife in Unfaithful, along with Richard Gere, who played her husband. That movie demanded some raunchy sex scenes.

Diane Lane

Diane Lane. More Hollywood stars

Diane Lane

Diane Lane. More screen stars

She says of those scenes: I think Unfaithful it was so necessary. There is no way of telling or making a sexy movie without sex in it, without it being sexy

Asked why marriage so often goes wrong, she says: You tend to disappoint yourself in a relationship because you had too much time to think about it and not enough time to actually live it... I don't really know how to relate to a long-term day-in day-out kind of comfortable relationship

She adds: Things do tend to get traded; comfort gets traded for passion for instance. Of course it doesn't have to be that way.

But you must be on your guard, she says. You become lax and I think it takes a lot of vigilance to remind yourself of why you made the choices you made and go with them or be true to them

Lane took two years off acting to be at home with her kids. Acting had lost some of its appeal.

But she is back and enjoyed herself in Secretariat: I think fun is an important part of the entertainment industry, and it should be. Anybody who's not incorporating some of that into their work needs to take a break, go away, and have an attitude adjustment.

Lane's most recent project, just wrapped, is HBO's new film 'Cinema Verite', about the Loud family, the first tv reality show back in the 70s.

Lane plays Pat, the lead role, in 'Cinema Verite', which was a ground-breaking 1973 PBS documentary 'An American Family'. When the documentary was first released, it stunned viewers with its frank discussion of divorce and sexual identity.

She describes her role as: You know, if you bleed in the piranha tank, people are going to want to see what happens.

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By Athina Simonidou