The OSL guide to making extra money in your spare time

1: How much can I earn selling lost golf balls?

2: How to get started as a professional ball hawk

3: How do I sell lost golf balls?

4: Are there any risks retrieving lost balls?

5: Do I need permission to collect lost golf balls?

6: A golf ball hawker's best tips

7: How many golf balls can I find each season?

8: Equipment used to find lost golf balls

9: Pro ball hawk earns $4,000 a month

10: Make good money at NFL games

How much can I make?

Selling lost golf balls can give you a steady stream of extra income. The amount you make depends on the number of balls you collect and the price you sell them for. It's easy to make $50-$100 a week if you know someone, or a business, who'll buy everything you find.

Finding balls is easy

Finding lost golf balls is easy enough. Just go to any public golf course, explore the rough and out-of-bounds areas and you'll find golf balls everytime you look.

On popular 18-hole golf courses with lots of woods, long grass, and water hazards, you can easily find 50 to 200 balls every day of the week.

If you start getting serious about dredging water hazards and exploring deep into the woods and bushes, there'll be days you'll find more than 500 balls.

Selling balls is hard

But what do you do with this steady stream of golf balls? The easiest solution is to sell them to a golf ball recycling company. They won't pay you much per ball but they will buy everything you find.

Titleist Pro V1

The going rate is 10 cents for all balls except the exclusive Titleist Pro V1, which you can sell for 25 cents each.

Selling to a ball recycling and refurbishing company allows you to spend more time doing what you're probably best at: retrieving balls.

If you're finding 500 or more balls a week, it's a heck of a job finding the time and opportunities to sell the balls to individual golfers. You can try selling the balls outside golf clubs, but it's a lot of work and not always popular with clubs or golfers.

For some reason, many golfers don't like the idea of you selling their golf balls back to them, even though a lot of them play with recycled and refurbished balls.

Online sales

You can try selling golf balls online, on E-Bay, or from a personal website. But even though you'll be able to get 50 cents for a ball instead of 10, it will take a lot of time to sell a lot of balls.

You will have to set up an online account or register a website, figure out how much to charge per ball and brand, set up Paypal or other payment system, handle packaging and shipping, in other words a whole lot of extra work.

Ball recyclers

Dealing with a recycling company, you just have to worry about collecting enough balls to sell.

A ball recycling company is not interested in buying small amounts. The companies usually have contracts with a number of courses, so they're used to dealing with thousands of balls at a time.

When approaching a ball recycling company, it's best to offer them at least a few thousand balls. They'll be keen to buy from you if you have a lot of Titleist Pro V1 balls.

The Pro V1 will probably make up about 10 to 20% of your total haul, perhaps less, sometimes more.

If you can offer a company 1,000 or more Pro V1 balls, they will be keen to deal with you. One thousand Pro V1's will give you $250.

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