Gravure idol Leah Dizon

Leah Dizon

Leah Dizon, born in Las Vegas, is a famous gravure idol in Japan.

Gravure idols are bikini models, pop stars, and celebrities who pose suggestively but never tastelessly. They are often young women, and rarely over 30.

We present Leah Dizon, Hanai Miri, and Rio Natsume.

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Gravure idol Leah Dizon. See Hanai Miri and more gravure idols

Leah Dizon was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her mother is French-American, and her father is Chinese-Filipino. She is the fourth of six children. After graduating from high school, Dizon moved to Los Angeles, California. She became mother to her first child, Mila, on April 24, 2009 and is currently taking a break from the entertainment industry.

Dizon's career began at the age of 19 when she was offered a contract by a Japanese talent agency. She landed a phone company ad and made appearances at events as a booth babe. A few pictorials for various magazines followed. Soon after, she moved to Tokyo.

In October 2006, she released her first photobook, titled Petite Amie (Girlfriend in French), which was ranked as the third best-selling photobook of 2006 and 2007.

Leah Dizon

Leah Dizon. Go to Hani Miri

Leah Dizon

Leah Dizon. Go to Hanai Miri

Dizon is not only a gravure idol but a singer and gaijin tarento (gaijin meaning foreign, and tarento being a corruption of the English word talent), whose role it is in Japanese media to entertain or make people laugh by conforming to familiar foreign stereotypes.

She has enjoyed a successful musical career. Her song, Under the Same Sky will be used as the theme song for the Japanese drama Tokyo Prom Queen. Dizon made a guest appearance on the show as Naomi, the prom queen from the previous year.

She has been sought widely for product endorsements. Dizon has promoted the Sony Cybershot, snack foods, and cosmetics. On television she has appeared in commercials for Recruit, Lotte, PlayStation 3, JVC, Coca-Cola, Fuji, and Kao Corporation.

If Leah Dizon wasn't a model, she'd still be doing something creative.

She says: I was a film major in college. I'm not too sure about directing, but I want to somehow be involved in the creative process. I'm still figuring it out, but I know that's where my heart is. Also, anything involving design interests me. I seem to have a knack for it.

By Athina Simonidou

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