The world's top 50 actresses

Hollywood's hottest

Places 11-20 on our list include Oscar winners, sex symbols, Brits, a Spaniard and a beautiful Indian actress.

Place 11 is occupied by one of Hollywood's busiest and most respected actresses.

Place 12 is occupied by an actress not so long ago considered the sexiest woman on earth.

Red bras for the season

Hollywood stars

Rachel Weisz, Mrs. James Bond

Julianne Moore rules the screen

Diane Lane, Superman's mom

Ashley Judd, actress and activist

Mila Kunis, world's sexiest woman

Keri Russell, KGB undercover

International cinema

Isabelle Huppert, favorite movie psychopath

Emmanuelle Beart, French beauty

Lena Olin, Swedish Hollywood star

Thekla Reuten co-stars with George Clooney

11, Julianne Moore. Born: December 3, 1960, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Best movie: Boogie Nights. Worst movie: Assassins.

12, Halle Berry. Born: August 14, 1966, Cleveland. Best movie: Jungle Fever. Worst movie: Father Hood.

13, Keri Russell. Born: March 23, 1976, USA. Best movie: Waitress. Worst movie: The Curve.

14, Keira Knightley. Born: March 26, 1985, England . Best movie: Pride and Prejudice. Worst movie: Silk.

15, Zoe Saldana. Born: June 19, 1978, New Jersey. Best movie: Avatar. Worst movie: Death At A Funeral.

16, Mary-Louise Parker. Born: August 2, 1964, Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Best movie: Solitary Man. Worst movie: Reckless.

17, Leslie Mann. Born: March 26, 1972, San Francisco. Best movie: Knocked Up. Worst movie: Stealing Harvard.

18, Penelope Cruz. Born: April 28, 1974, Spain. Best movie: All About My Mother. Worst movie: Sex And The City 2.

19, Megan Fox. Born: May 16, 1986, Rockwood, Tennessee . Best movie: Transformers. Worst movie: Jonah Hex.

20, Aishwarya Rai. Born: November 1, 1973, India. Best movie: Guru. Worst movie: Pink Panther 2.

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