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Allyson Felix

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Carmelita Jeter, born November 24, 1979, of the United States won the 100 meters in final at the World Championships in Daegu, Korea in 10.90 seconds.

Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica was second in 10.97 seconds, and Kelly-Ann Baptiste of Trinidad was third in 10.98.

Campbell-Brown said of the race, Carmelita was gone after the first five metres. She deserved that win.

Jeter sobbed at the finish line. The BBC writes: Such was the 31-year-old's American's tunnel-vision focus, she didn't realise she had won. But it wasn't close come the finish line. She annihilated Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who was second. Kelly-Ann Baptiste came home in third.

Jeter has been running faster each season under her veteran coach John Smith, 61.

Carmelita Jeter

Carmelita Jeter. [More sports stars]

LaKya Bookins

LaKya Bookins. [More sports stars]

Glory Alozie

Glory Alozie. [More sports stars]

Christine Arron

Christine Arron. [More sports stars]

Merlene Ottey

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In 2008, Jeter's 100 meters PR was 10.97; it's now 10.64. She has run under 10.80 seconds three times.

She came to the world championships in Daegu having struggled in previous finals. She has a 100 meter bronzes from 2007 and 2009. She bowed out of 2008 Olympic Trials in the semifinals.

She needed to learn patience, says Smith. In big races, she was trying to do everything too quickly. Here she was smooth and professional.

I'm pretty excited for the 200, says Jeter. The pressure of the 100 is off me. That's my race. That's my baby. I'm just gonna line up and go in the 200.

Worlds 200 meters

The 200 meters women's final in Daegu was won by Veronica Campbell-Brown of Jamaica in a season best 22.22 secs.

Second was Carmelita Jeter, USA, in 22.37, with Allyson Felix, USA, third in 22.42.

Worlds 400 meters

The 400 meters at Daegu was won by Amantle Montsho of Botswana in a national record of 49.56 secs.

Second was Allyson Felix in a personal best time of 49.59, and third was Anastasiya Kapachinskaya of Russia in 50.24.

Allyson Felix

We feature an interview with American sprint star Allyson Felix. To illustrate the interview, we have chosen images of some of the most beautiful sprint stars of all time, including Glory Alozie, Merlene Ottey, and Christine Arron.

Question: When did you start running track competitively?

Allyson Felix: My freshmen year of high school. I came out for the track team to meet new people because I was at a new school. After my first year running I completely fell in love with the sport.

Question: What other sports do you enjoy or like to watch?

Allyson Felix: I really enjoy watching basketball and football. I’m just a big sports fan. I really admire athletes and their work ethic.

Question: If any, who are or were your favorite players and teams past and present?

Allyson Felix: I’m a huge USC fan and love watching our football team. I also enjoy watching the Lakers.

Question: What are three songs in your Ipod/mp3 player that are from different genres of music?

Allyson Felix: Diva- Beyonce, I won’t complain- Fred Hammond and No Ordinary Love- Sade

Question: Who or what is your inspiration?

Allyson Felix: I find inspiration from a number of different places. Most importantly my faith in God inspires me, I feel my talent is completely from God so I want to use it to the best of my ability.

Question: What is your favorite kind of music?

Allyson Felix: I really enjoy R&B/soul and Gospel.

Question: What do you do to stay in shape and what do you eat?

Allyson Felix: I train about 5 to 6 days a week. I do all different types of sprints and longer runs on the track. I spend 4 days a week in the weight room and 2 days a week doing Pilates. My goal is to eat very healthy foods that are high in protein.

Question: How does it feel to be considered by some as a sex symbol?

Allyson Felix: I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it, so if I am I’m really not aware of it and it just sounds kind of funny to me.

Question: How is it training with Bob Kersee?

Allyson Felix: I really enjoy it. He is an extremely demanding coach but I love how he can get the most out of me. I feel like he is very knowledgeable and has a ton of experience that I really value.

Question: How did it feel to win a Gold medal in Beijing?

Allyson Felix: It was amazing. I work extremely hard and it’s always great to see it pay off. I just really enjoyed the experience. The people in the crowd were wonderful and it was just a very special moment.

Question: What are your plans for the 2012 Olympics?

Allyson Felix: I would love to win a gold medal in the 200m. But I’m really just taking things year by year; continuing to work hard and see what God has in store for me.

Question: What advice do you have for girls that have dreams of running track in the Olympics?

Allyson Felix: I would tell them to keep their priorities straight. I would encourage them to enjoy what their doing and to always have fun with it.

Question: What are your plans after your track career is over?

Allyson Felix: I graduated from USC with a degree in elementary education and when I finish running I would love to get in the classroom and teach 4th or 5th grade.

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