Lookalikes: Rudd & Affleck

Comic actor Paul Rudd and actor/director Ben Affleck while not exactly twins in appearance can double for each other in the right movies and light. In the movie Role Models, the character Ronnie Shields even calls Rudd's character Affleck.

Paul Rudd

Rudd bio: Born April 6, 1969 in Passaic, New Jersey. Rudd's parents movied to the United States from England.

Rudd's best movies: Clueless (1995); The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005); Knocked Up (2007).

Rudd's worst movies: Halloween (1995); The Locusts (1997); Over Her Dead Body (2008).

Critic's view: The Los Angeles Times writes of Rudd's role in Our Idiot Brother (2011), The comedy isn't always as crisp as it should be, but [director] Peretz has the perfect partner in crime in Rudd. The actor has an uncanny ability to create characters that feel completely devoid of avarice, angst or anything unseemly.

Critic's view: Elle writes of Rudd, Rudd is now poised to step into the shoes of the comedic-dramatic geniuses adored by the baby-boomer generation -- actors such as Tom Hanks and Dustin Hoffman, who can make stories about regular men as riveting as a car chase. Like them, Rudd possesses perfectly calibrated leading-man looks (better looking than your neighbor but not so gorgeous he couldn't play your neighbor in a movie), impeccable comic instincts, and Shakespeare-worthy dramatic skill.

Ben Affleck

Affleck bio: Born August 15, 1972 in Berkeley, California. His family moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Aged eight, Affleck met 10-year-old Matt Damon, who lived two blocks away. Affleck is married to actress Jennifer Garner.

Affleck's best movies: Dazed and Confused (1993); Chasing Amy (1997); State of Play (2009); The Town (2010);

Affleck's worst movies: Phantoms (1998); Gigli (2003); Surviving Christmas (2004).

Critic's view: USA Today writes of Ben Affleck's directing debut in Gone Baby Gone, Bravo to Ben Affleck for a smart choice and impressive work. He has parlayed his Hollywood status into something worthwhile, moving beyond and perhaps learning from such debacles as Gigli.

Armand Whyte's view: Paul Rudd is Mr. Congeniality, talented at playing likeable dimwits with not a bad bone in their body. I am not sure whether he has the talent or inclination for more demanding roles. He did a good job writing Role Models, which showed there is more talent than meets the eye.

Ben Affleck has grown from passable actor to outstanding director in such movies as Gone Baby Gone and The Town. He wouldn't be missed as an actor, but Hollywood surely needs his directing talent.