Sarah Palin's lingerie picks

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin will not run for president in 2012. Which means we're in for a dull campaign.

Michelle Bachmann does not have Palin's populist sex appeal. She can't fire up the crowds, nor quicken our hearts. As for Romney and Perry, please spare us.

We'll miss Palin. Her gaffes, her outfits, her legs, her red Naughty Monkey heels.

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Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin loves to spend big on clothes

Sarah Palin talks about her favorite lingerie, shoes, and high heels.

During the presidential election, Sarah Palin's penchant for fancy yet trashy clothes was placed under the microscope of public scrutiny.

Her $150,000 makeover binge makeover focused attention on the Valentino jackets and pencil skirts, but plenty of money was spent on high heels, intimate apparel, lingerie, and pantyhose.

Neiman Marcus

A lot of legwork is needed if you're going to find out the exact intimate apparel Sarah Palin buys at Neiman Marcus, Macy's, and Bloomingdales. If you have access to the credit card receipts, all is quickly revealed. Or you can befriend, or pay, (ir)responsible sales clerks, then enjoy a fact-finding chat over latte and gingerbread cookies.

Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin loves Wolford. Go to Katie Couric


You can, as we have, write a simple program feeding in the known information about Sarah Palin's clothing tastes and buying habits, the GOP's clothing requirements for a VP candidate, the Neiman Marcus lingerie collection, and the lingerie choices of women who also buy Valentino and Escada outfits. You combine all that, tweak it with a little Stanford grad school wizardry, and hey presto you have the full list of Mrs. Palin's lingerie picks.

The task is made easier by the fact that Mrs. Palin stood for public office as a vp candidate. When she did so, her shopping lists and habits stepped into the public domain, especially after the $150,000 spending spree courtesy of the GOP, John McCain's inattention to detail, and some rich and besotted party benefactors.

Naughty Monkey

Gov. Palin, widely known as a maverick, shows quirkiness in her outfit choices. A 44-year-old governor in the public eye would not normally choose Naughty Monkey high heels. They're the choice of 20-something starlets like Paris Hilton. This tells us that Mrs. Palin is fiercely independent, unwilling to listen too hard to party style gurus.

At the same time, pressure on her is enormous. A huge entourage of minders, stylists, pr-people, and broadcast experts is constantly buzzing around her. Each of those strong egos has an opinion. Each person thinks their perspective is right.

Middle America

Some of are telling her to boost conservative appeal in Middle America. Others are telling her to dress sexy to get the middle-aged male vote. Yet others are instructing her to push the outdoorsy Palin, the one who runs, shoots, and drives snow machines.

Before Mrs. Palin was dragged into the national spotlight, while she was governor of Alaska, left to her own devices, she made a number of utterly wrong outift choices that insulted her good looks and figure. Governor Palin was a frump wearing the wrong colors, shapeless outfits, wild and unflattering prints.

A woman in her position, undoubtedly sexy and attractive but also a rough diamond, is going to feel insecure and out of her depth when she steps onto the national and international stage and knows she is being scrutinized by millions of curious eyes.

With the flow

Before you find your own voice and style, there's an overriding tendency to go with the flow, play it safe, throwing in maverick elements when the minders are not watching. How else can we explain Palin's penchant for bright red leather jackets, ideal on a young actress at a vernissage, but not on a serious woman politician in her 40s?

David Letterman has called her attempts to find a fitting style, the trashy flight attendant look. Mrs. Palin loves toe nail art, shoes and jackets befitting a 20 year old, sexy black boots that would not look our of place on a lap dancer.


We are sure, also, that Palin rebelled against being kitted out in Oscar de la Renta. It's is too closely associated with Laura Bush and is, well, rather predictable and a shade dull. Palin wanted to push ahead in her own bold direction: Stella McCartney; Valentino; Escada; Giuliana Teso; Stockingirl.

Going Commando

Her lingerie and intimate apparel choices are Simone Perele, Chantelle, with a dash of maverick in the shape of Commando's tiny thong, Sassybax tops, Spanx black tights, and, of course, the ever-present Naughty Monkey.

Sarah Palin is an alluring and unique combination of folksy trashiness and upscale good choice. She can mix the best that money can buy, for example Valentino, with girly choices such as Naughty Monkey bright red, peep toe high heels.

Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air on the American political scene. If she's ever let loose as president of the United States, we are all in for an entertaining rollercoaster ride that will make President Obama's time in office seem like quiet hour in kindergarten.

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