Beauty beats the financial crisis

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Credit rating agency Standard & Poor has downgraded America's credit rating from AAA to AA+ amid fears about the nation's huge debts, unemployment of 9.1 percent, and the possibility of a double-dip recession. But newly immigrated Oleg Chernenko is positive about his and the country's future.

Oleg writes: Those schmucks at Standard & Poor are doing monkey business downgrading the USA's credit rating. Who do they think they are? What have they ever done? This can only make things worse.

We are the middle of a deep economic crisis. So many people are losing their jobs, homes, even their hopes and dreams. I come from an impoverished and unfree country with credit rating FFF-. For me, America is still a country with unlimited possibilities, where talent and hard work are rewarded beyond our wildest dreams

This is not a time to be downbeat. We must seize the opportunities that are all around us. If you can buy property, buy it. If you spot the chance to make money online, take that chance today. But don't be fooled by cheats, crooks, and scammers.

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Despite the crisis, American women are still the most beautiful on earth, so free, so independent, so gorgeous. And we are still the hardest working nation. We will overcome for sure.

Seize the day

If there is work that no one will will do but which needs to be done, do it and build on it. America is not a country that stands still. If you flip burgers today, it does not mean you will flip burgers tomorrow.

But if you do nothing today, you are most likely to do nothing tomorrow.

It shocks me how many Americans are totally defeated by this crisis. It is as though Michael Moore's view of America in Capitalism: A love story is correct -- a land without hope, where unwanted workers are tossed onto the garbage pile and forgotten.

But that is not the America I know. This is a beautiful country of second, and third, and fourth chances, where if you are knocked down, you can get up and keep fighting.

It is a country that understands if you have to work three or four jobs, where a manager is not laughed at if he suddenly finds himself bagging groceries for minimum wage. You do what you gotta do.

So what if our beautiful women have to shop at Aldi instead of the best delis. Who cares if Walmart is now the place where you buy pants and undergarments. If Walmart helps you survive, that is good.

Even so, in the crisis, try to dress sharp and be sharp. Always be alert. Always aim to look and think one step ahead. Be better than your competitor. Americans often judge by appearance. Simple: make sure you have a good appearance.

America has been softened by so many good years. Americans believed prosperity would keep growing, that hardship had been banished forever.

In Eastern Europe, we have a much harsher outlook, which has toughened us and made us able to stay standing even when all around us is crumbling. We have saying: If today is bad, tomorrow will be worse.

We are accustomed to corrupt officials seizing the best opportunities, denying them to the ordinary people.

We are used to going without money and food, and yet still finding ways to cope and survive.

You see that same ability to survive hardship in all the poorer countries of the world. You will see it in Africa, where people live on a dollar a day. You will see it in Asia and Latin America. People know that life is hard. They do not expect an easy ride.

Middle class

Millions of middle class Americans are having their first taste of unemployment and poverty. Their homes have been seized, they can't pay their bills; they can't pay their medical insurance; and they can't keep their kids in college. Their debt is out of control. They are sinking fast.

Many of those people think the solution is therapy and happy pills, as though you can medicate yourself to prosperity and find a job by talking to someone with a doctorate in talking to people.

My attititude is very different. If I can't find work in Michigan, I will move to a state with better prospects. It doesn't matter to me if I have to move thousands of miles. It's still the same country with the same language, the same stores, the same food, the same culture.

If my kids tell me, Daddy, I don't want to move, all my friends are here, I love it here, I tell them, It is my job to look after you guys. I can't do that without a job. Pack your bags, you will make new friends in Arizona.

If my kids give me a hard time about how tough their lives are, I tell them about the old country. I tell them I will send them to Russia to learn respect and good manners.

Wildest dreams

I tell them my parents lived for a month on what it costs to buy a computer game in the United States. I tell them of Russian meals consisting only of potatoes and hard bread. I tell them how my dad cycled 15 miles to work, how my mom took the trolleybus across town every morning at 6. They didn't have a car. That was beyond their wildest dreams.

Compared to Russian life, America is a cakewalk. There are opportunities on almost every street corner. The only limits are your own imagination and willingness to work hard.

If I have a doctorate in physics but the only job is pulling a lever in a factory, I will pull that damn lever seven days a week. I am no less a man, no less a human for pulling a lever if that is the only way to make a living.

There is no point sleeping on a couch, getting depressed about the fact that there are no opportutnities for physicists. You see, if you have experience of civil war, you know that opportunities can be ripped from you without warning. You must be prepared for hard times, just as you hope and work for good times.

There are 24 hours in a day. Let's say you sleep for eight of them. Then you need to eat, maybe travel, say two hours a day for those activities. That leaves 14 hours to work or look for work. You don't rest until those 14 hours are filled with your best efforts.

No stone unturned

If you have no work and no income, you don't need to watch television or sit in bars. You don't neeed cigarettes and booze. You don't need movies from Redbox. All you need is work and money. Leave no stone unturned until you have it.

It took me only five years to earn my first million dollars and put away $750,000 in the bank. Yes, I worked hard, 16 hours a day, seven days a week for five years. I did any and every job that came my way.

I did basic factory work, really soulless and pointless work. I used the money I made to buy stuff and sell it.

I got into the internet very early on and found ways to use the net to make good money even when I was sleeping in my bed.

When Google Adsense made it possible for anyone with a website to make money, I told my kids, Learn this stuff. I will pay for you to register a website and whatever you make is yours.

My eldest son pays for his college education with his website earnings. He doesn't need to get a crap job waiting tables or working in the college library. He makes $30,000 a year on website earnings alone. He uses Google Adsense, affiliate advertising, and direct sales with payment via PayPal. It is so simple even a fool could do it. But you have to have drive, desire, and determination.

American Dream

My story of living the American Dream would not be complete without telling how I met my dream woman, a gorgeous, hard-working and loyal woman from the great state of Texas.

Her name is Lisa and I met her while I was doing yardwork for her parents. Breaking down social barriers in a way that is impossible in my country, Lisa talked to me while I took short breaks from tending her parents' massive lawm and flowerbeds.

She brought me lemonade, asked about my family, my hopes, my dreams for the future.

Long story short, she arranged for me to talk to her father, who met me in his office and asked what I wanted from life.

I explained I was working six jobs and also putting myself through college, where I was studying for a bachelor's degree in business.

Only in America

He told me, If you graduate with a good degree, I will give you a job in my company and will lend you the money to get an MBA. He believed in me. He wanted me to succeed. Only in America!

I did that MBA and I not need to borrow any money to do it. I kept working fulltime as well as studying fulltime. It is possible to do that if you want it badly enough.

When I finished the MBA, I proposed to Lisa, who accepted, and I was welcomed as a full member into that big, rich American family, where I am now living happily ever after.