Nights in white stockings

White lingerie

White is the color of innocence and purity. We say as pure as the driven snow.

Brides dress in white to show their innocence to the world, the idea being a bride is untouched by any hand but her husband's.

Well, it's a lovely idea, and perhaps these days we value a pure spirit rather than a totally untouched body.

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Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz: Find out more about Mrs James Bond, Brit actress Rachel Weisz.

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In the western world, we no longer demand total purity of our brides. But there was a time when brides had to prove on their marriage beds that no man had touched them.

For many people, particularly in communities of faith, no intimacy before marriage is still a valued tradition for men and women.

In other less strict communities, the idea of a pure spirit is celebrated. Brides are confortable wearing white if they consider themselves good people, honest, and reliable.

We also suggest the idea of purity and innocence are attractive, even sexy. It does not concern us that old-fashioned notions of innocence are ot being met.

A women in white lingerie is beautiful. We celebrate that beauty on this page.

White lingerie

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By Athina Simonidou