Women in beautiful high heels

We know men. We know what motivates them on and makes them tick. We know women too. We've interviewed and photographed enough beautiful women to know what they like: shoes and more shoes. Men love lingerie, and women love shoes.


There is no need to complicate things. If you'd like to make a woman happy, buy her Louboutin or Jimmy Choo pumps or heels. If your budget doesn't stretch to exclusive designers, buy shoes that look like Louboutin or Jimmy Choo -- but try not to spend less than $80.

Shoes and lingerie

The same applies to lingerie. Buy the best you can afford, which means Wolford, Stockingirl, Myla, Chantelle, any one of the top brands. Avoid Walmart, Big Lots, K-Mart, and all trailer trash brands.

A man's needs

Wolford lingerie

Wolford lingerie. Black stockings

Louboutin, David Lynch fetish shoes

Louboutin fetish. Black stockings


Stockingirl model. Crossed legs


Stockingirl model. Crossed legs

Quality costs money. Class is merely a pretense at quality, an invention to exclude people on the street. The newly-arrived, having no class, try to buy it and flaunt it. Labels are worn on the outside by those who lack class but have money, unless of course it is an anti-statement.

Quality and class

This is inevitable. It takes time to acquaint oneself with art, matters of the intellect, and quality. The newly-arrived, the nouveau riche, are brash, they have no time to wait. And they are frustrated after years of denial, so they flaunt bling, labels, and the gaudy.

The fashion industry, which was once elitist, needs new money, celebrity, A-, B-, and C- listers lining its front rows at catwalk shows. Celebs mean visibility. Visibility mean publicity. Publicity means sales. And sales mean money.

Shoes for youth

The young, of course, plow their own furrow of imagined and imaginary originality. This year, whether in London, Stockholm, or Chicago, the look of teen girls is Chucks (Converse) sneakers or the ubiquitous flip-flop, mini-shorts, and t-shirts with the arms removed and bra visible. Each person considers this a unique look but it's as uniform as, well, a uniform.

Quality, though not itself original, is what lifts us above this sham world. For women, I recommend designer shoes, always worth the extra money. I suggest Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, and the somewhat trashy Jimmy Choo. There are others, but for this season, the next and a few that follow, Louboutin will not be wrong. Blahnik, by the way, is wrong unless you are over 50 or American.

In matters of lingerie, I recommend Wolford and Stockingirl. Neither of these is ever wrong.

Combine with expertly cut dresses and skirts. One wishes the figure to be hugged, or the fabric should drape and expose. It should not hang and cover like a sack. It should enhance, not hide.

With quality you will Pop!, come alive, effervesce. This is all you need to do and know.

By Athina Simonidou

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